We Miss You
A large faction of my favorite bands happen to be dead. Broken up. Finito. No longer breathing. This is my tribute to them. Enjoy these songs! Because they're the last of them!


1997-1999 (short-lived I know!)

This band had three years of existence, with 1998 being their climax. Then they decided to ditch the project for a bigger, better band: Hey Mercedes. Although one can most definitely hear the similarities between
the two bands, Braid had the chaos and crash reminiscent of the original underground. R.I.P. Braid baby.

mp3 Braid- The New Nathan Detroits

The Promise Ring

The Promise Ring started out being a neglected side project for Cap'n Jazz guitarist Davey vonBohlen. When Cap'n Jazz didn't work out for him, he decided to give this third wheel a little more attention. Before he, or we, knew it, The Promise Ring flourished into a highly acclaimed band with echoes throughout American media. Sadly, the band died in 2002 after 8 years of life. You will always be in our hearts...

mp3 The Promise Ring- Best Looking Boys

The Get Up Kids

The Get Up Kids... I might miss these guys the most... I saw them live two years ago at the Dashboard Civic Tour and they rocked my socks off... Anyway, they've had a good ten-year run, and it's been almost exactly a year since their last show, on July 4 in Kansas City, MO. Throughout the years their sound has transformed from messy emo to clean almost-pop, and although one could call them a little washed out, I still love me my classic Get Up Kids.

mp3 The Get Up Kids- Ten Minutes

Well this was a fun trip down memory lane. Might do another one of these posts soon. But yes, remember these bands fondly, and try not to take your current music for granted, 'cause you'll never know when they too will leave you...
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Like Sleater-Kinney =(