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Long ago, thanks to a quartet of bugs, at least one place in England has become synonymous for good music - that's right, Liverpool, and The Wombats are a trio of Liverpudlians(?) that help to keep that reputation alive. They're punky where they need to be; they're poppy where they need to be. Really it's just happy rock, and that label practically can't be denied to a band that: A) incorporates somersaults in one of their promo pics, B) are signed under a label named KIDS, and C) aren't afraid to "OoO" in their songs (I know, where were these kids when I composed my Fourth Vowel From the Left mix?). Now these kids are bigger elsewhere than their motherland. No it's not Canada, it's not even here in the US. No, these kids are apparently huge stuff in China. As students of Sir Paul McCartney's musical institute, they managed to fund a trip to China under a partnership with organizers of Beijing's Midi Festival - the biggest musical festival in China. All this comes to explain why their site can be mandarin-ified. Now if just about a kajillion people love them, chances are you'll love them too.

Various Songs from The Wombats (all songs are right click - save as):
Derail & Crash
Little Miss Pipedream
Lost in the Post
Patricia the Stripper

You can get s'more tunes from The Wombats site.
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Blogger Tom said...
just came over from yan-picasso.
great little blog you have here. i really enjoy it. and the drawings around the press photos are damn cute.
i need to stop by regularly now.

Blogger The Two Mirrors said...
You've got a great site over here. You are making the rest of us old school bloggers look weak. Great photos. Any info on where the bright eyes live comes from. Just wondering.

Keep up the good work and I am sure I'll be visiting on a regular basis and will be linking you over at my blog.