You're Safe If You Dance In Your Head...
Now let's flashback to when I said in my Octopus Project post, "Around these days, it seems like people are just slapping their music with the label of 'instrumental' in an effort to justify their wordless noise or songs with failed lyrics..." Well, nothing's changed about my view on that, but it's still a hell of a great way to start up a post about the instrumental music that doesn't fill the above criteria. By being either entirely devoid of lyrics or restrained in wording, the song becomes an open book; a blank book, filled in by what you yourself can muster from the music's instruments, beats, and pace. This mix is gonna delve into a mix of some of the good instrumental acts out there, and broaden the genre to include the various outfits of techtronica and dance that really form a genre of their own. Oh, and I'm not sure if it's just me or I just have a poor collection of such songs to judge this by, but for some odd reason, it's usually not that difficult to distinguish European instrumental from American-based acts - for the sake of this, I'm going to separate the songs according to source, because I'm curious if you can notice it too...

(Artist name leads to site & all songs are right click - save as):

RJD2 - Ghostwriter
Vitalic - Trahison
Ellen Allien & Apparat - Do Not Break
Husky Rescue - Summertime Cowboy
Psapp - Hi

The Octopus Project - The Way Things Go
Four Tet - As Serious As Your Life
Explosions in the Sky -
The Long Spring
Peachcake - Hundreds and Hundreds of Thousands

Be sure to check the artist's site if you're interested in learning more about them!
Anonymous Changalang said...
Happy Birthday B-Rad

Anonymous junior b from the wv said...
Nice Post! Great intro to the best of instrumental hiphop,dance,electronic, post rock. RJD2, Explosions, and vitalic are among my favorite artists. If you are looking for other instrumental acts try Ratatat, junior boys, and cut copy.