[Architecture in Helsinki Tour]
What is it about chorusing orchestral groups that make them so lovable? Even more so, what exactly is in Australia's water that makes everyone there so amiable? Well to answer those questions, respectively, six just happens to be a lovable number and, when it comes to the water, I think it surrounds the idea that Australia's waters have been gushing about for years on the highly debatable topic of whether it surrounds more of a continent than a country. Architecture in Helsinki is a six(once eight)-piece group that just so happens to also originate from that bubbly countrinent. Playful, adorable, lovable - it's simply hard to turn these kids down. AiH recently announced an endless string of fall tour dates, and I highly suggest that you catch one if you're able to. The group has been working on a new album with a hopeful early to mid '07 release, and plan to roadtest some of their newest songs during their tour. An earlier release for this sextet will come in the form of a compilation album of remixes of various songs from In Case We Die debuting some time this fall. Curious about those tour dates? Some show dates I randomly picked off the list include:

September 16 - San Diego, CA
September 19 - Austin, TX
September 23 - Nashville, TN
September 25 - Washington, DC
September 28 - New York, NY*
October 2 & 3 - Chicago, IL*
October 10 & 11 - Seattle, WA*

These kids are pretty much going everywhere, and chances are you're near one of the cities on their US tour. A (*) denotes dates in which they're supported by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Takka Takka, and that makes any of those dates all the more sweeter.

Various Songs from Architecture in Helsinki (all songs are right click - save as):
The Cemetary
It's 5!

You can check out all of their tour dates at the Architecture in Helsinki site.
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That's it for today guys! Sorry for posting late, I caught something feverful and napped pretty much the whole day.