[The Bens]
I learned about this temporary trio from a repost, yes a repost, on IGIF. So I'm really late on The Bens, but I'm gonna share them anyway. Just as the elements of earth combined to create Captain Planet, The Bens came together as a fun little project for three familiar fellows named Ben Folds, Ben Lee, and Ben Kweller so that they may save the world entertain some lucky Australians during their The Bens Rock Over Australia tour. Somewhere they decided to take four days off to create a four-track EP, which I now offer to you. Each Ben has a piece to call their own, but it takes just a few listens to see what each Ben brought to the playing field. The Bens are, sadly, pretty much dead, but hopefully they'll do something again in the future. To the few Aussie readers this blog knows of, were you able to catch them way back when?

From The Bens EP (all songs are right click - save as):
Just Pretend

Well if they were ever to do anything again, you'd probably find out about it at The Bens site.
Get their EP at the site above!
Anonymous Kerry said...
Damn...you have the most bad ass frames for your pics. oh! i saved Just Pretend, and i love them too! teehee. can't wait to hear the rest. thank goodness for fast internet connection! ciao, darling! keep up the awesome work.