What an odd medley of people...

How to make a Deerhoof
1. San Francisco
2. Rob Fisk and Greg Saunier
3. Add tiny Satomi Matsuzaki of Tokyo
4. Add Kelly Goode on keyboards
5. Subtract Fisk and Goode
6. Add John Deiterich on guitar
7. Add Chris Cohen on guitar
8. Subtract Chris Cohen on guitar
9. Pause, breathe, and relax

So now we're left with Greg Saunier, John Deiterich, and Satomi Matsuzaki. Satomi provides the vocals for Deerhoof sans apologies and sans restraint. Her high-pitched Japanese-inflected squeals are actually reminiscent of Karen O... if Karen O got hit over the head with a Japan stick... The riffs and beats are messy and noisy and fuzzy and trippy, but extremely catchy nonetheless. It almost seems as if Deerhoof was created by throwing random musicians ironically without musical backgrounds into a box and then shaking it until some fell out. The end product? Volatile, risky, angry, Japanese, insane rock music.

mp3 Flower
mp3 Giga Dance
mp3 The Pickup Bear
mp3 Milking

Deerhoof's Official site

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
Aw, Deerhoof - I'm proud of you for posting on them Alina, and I know you hate it when this happens, but I recommend their piece, "You Can See"