Funny-kind-of-not-so-funny story. My hard drive crashed. My hard drive with my music on it. Hummuna hummuna my god I know. But! This guy that works part time at where my dad works rescued my files for me. And! This guy happens to be the drummer for a local (to me, so Austin) band, Dynah (he's the only guy wearing white). So, this post is dedicated to him/them. Thank you for rescuing the contents of my hard drive.

So in 2004 they were named the best local act and their album recently ranked second by Austin Chronicle. Big deals? Perhaps. If I could compare them to one band, it would have to be U2, and they really are big deals. They're catchy and clean; hi-fi if you will. If you've been missing the glamorous goddess side of rock, check out Dynah.

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