[The Grates Announce Tour & Drop Your iPod On The Floor]
I couldn't bring it upon myself to taint that picture with one of my frames...

All right I only have time for a rather quick post today. As you can see from above, the invisible trampoline wielding Patience Hodgson and the rest of The Grates are planning on a UK tour that I am insanely jealous of. The Grates are set to stop at eight locations, and if you're too lazy to read the tour list from above (which I can't imagine why, that mailing has to be the most entertaining recieved yet) you can get your 192020 on at these dates:

8/19: V Festival Western Park, Staffordshire
8/20: V Festival Hylands Park, Essex
8/22 @ Metro Oxford Street, London
8/23 @ Barfly 90 Seel Street, Liverpool
8/24 @ Whelans 25 Wexford Street, Dublin, Ireland
8/25 @ Barfly 260 Clyde Street, Glasgow
8/26 @ The Faversham 1-5 Springfield Mount, Leeds
8/27 @ Academy 52-54 Dale Street, Birmingham

Rest assured, I'll have a proper post up on The Grates once I do have the time, but if you're around any of those areas, you should pretty much just plan on going.


Otherwheres - I hope my iPod never gives me the infamous Mr. Sad Icon, but if it does, I don't think I wanna fix it using the Dinan Creative method of banging it hard on something. It may get it goin', but how much was it again? So let the question be asked, for those whose iPods are in danger of going awry - how many times have you dropped your precious or what stupid thing have you done to it? I've dropped my child about 2 times on tile now...
My click wheel went on the fritz a couple of weeks ago. I could play the ipod (it was thankfully stuck on shuffle) like normal but I couldn't adjust the volume or scroll. After about three days of checking the scroll wheel 'just to see' it started scrolling for about ten minutes one evening and then stopped again. I went on bustedipods.com and they said they could fix it for $58 plus shipping. $80 or so is expensive, but still better than Apple. I was going to send it in on the 11th but three days ago it magically started working steadily again. I don't know what they would have done at there place, but I'll keep my money for now. Any other clickwheel woes on the gen 4's?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I've got a gen 4, but I've never really had major clickwheel trouble - I get this delay thing going on sometimes where I'll scroll twice or so and nothing happens until a few seconds later when what do you know I'm two scrolls down on a list.