John Vanderslice
John Vanderslice. Photographer, analog tape master, producer, and ultimately, musical genius. This Florida/San Francisco native has been creating music on his own for six years after the demise of his band mK Ultra. Quite comparable to now wildly successful once-band-members-now-solo-acts Justin Timberlake and Beyonce, no sarcasm present, John erupted on the music scene with his debut single Bill Gates Must Die (a legal spat with Microsoft soon followed... tehe...). Now pushing 40, but still going strong, he has successfully toured North America, Europe, and Japan, contributed to producing Spoon's Gimme Fiction, and founded a San Francisco recording studio by the name of "Tiny Telephone." His voice is clean and cutting, his sound melodic and resonant. Think Neutral Milk Hotel mixed with Beulah and Modest Mouse. Trust me, John Vanderslice is a classic you must listen to immediately.

From Life and Death of an American Fourtracker
mp3 Me and My 424
mp3 The Mansion
mp3 Amitripyline

From Mass Suicide Occult Figurines
mp3 Bill Gates Must Die
mp3 Ambition

From Time Travel is Lonely
mp3 My Old Flame

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