Junior Boys + Kings of Convenience
Look at the picture above very closely. Then look at this picture:
Do the two duos not look strikingly similar? Just in case you were wondering, Junior Boys are the fellows pictured first, Kings of Convenience second. If Kings got a makeover, I believe they would very much resemble Junior Boys. But only physically. Musically, a collaboration of the two bands would sound much like Simon and Garfunkel vomiting in a Canadian dance club.

The Junior Boys are Jeremy Greenspan and Johnny Dark, two guys from Ontario who create indie techno-pop. The music is very synthesizer-based, with bleeps and bloops and other video game-like sound effects that you might expect from a techno band. Vocals are often whispered, airy, and distorted. They kind of make me want to join a secret agency and detonate bombs in slow motion.
mp3 So Sleep
mp3 Count Souvenirs
mp3 In the Morning

Junior Boys' Official site
Junior Boys' Myspace

Way over there on the other side of the indie spectrum are Kings of Convenience, made up of the Norwegian Erlend Oye and Eirik Glambeck Boe. Best friends since age eleven, this folk-pop duo creates soft, if not delicate music, with soothing, deep voices, warm acoustic guitars, and subtle melodies. Personally, they are one of my favorite bands...
mp3 I'd Rather Dance With You
mp3 The Build Up
mp3 Winning a Battle, Losing the War

Kings of Convenience's Official site
Anonymous jerrysoer said...
i have to say i very much prefer Junior Boys to the Kings..

Anonymous random phantom said...
i like the kings.