[The Light Footwork]
Ah, The Light Footwork, definitely a great example of blog hype. It wasn't too long after Matt posted on this couple that just about every blog I have the pleasure of reading started praising these kids. The Light Footwork are a Beulah-esque indie-pop duo from Palo Alto, California. With soft, contrasting vocals and played down tunage, The Light Footwork is mezmerizing. Recently featured on my "Some Are Lovers..." Mix, The Light Footwork is, simply put, good stuff. So what have these Mellowing Marvins been up to? Well, their highly-acclaimed/blogged debut album One State, Two State can now be bought off iTunes, and also The Light Footwork put out a new track not too long ago entitled Melville, which I now pass on to you. I have to say that The Art of... continues to hold as my favorite track from the duo, but Melville is one to still carry that indistinguishable Light Footwork sound.

Various Songs from The Light Footwork (all songs are right click - save as):
Coastlines Are Landmines

The Art of Everyday Communication Pt. 1

Learn more about these kids and pick up their album at The Light Footwork site.
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Elsewhere - Thanks to Miss Val over at Rock Snob, you can take a few and pop over onto YouTube to check out the Arctic Monkeys' entertaining video for Leave Before the Lights Come On, which, guys, teaches the all important lesson of, "Don't save girls just about about jump off building ledges." and, gals, gives the great notion of, "I should try to find the nearest tall building this Friday night." It happens to feature the guy from In America as well some familiar gal whose name I can't recall either.
Blogger The Two Mirrors said...
I too jumped on board when Matt posted on this band and I had temporarily forgotten about one state two state until this post. So thanks for reminding me of how great these two are and I just listened to the new track you posted. Thanks for that.


Blogger The Two Mirrors said...
nice artwork by the way. Playing on the theme from the album artwork. Very Nice.

Anonymous Orouni said...
It's true that their songs are very efficient