Hello, again! I sincerely hope I was not forgotten during my week-long hiatus. Alas, I am back, and I missed you terribly.

I miss Pavement terribly as well. A band headed by songwriting genius, Stephen Malkmus (check out Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks), Pavement produced a whirlwind of indie classics in the '90s. Their sound was mellow and rolling, deep and insightful. With an almost sophomoric voice, crunchy rhythms, and guitar sans clean distortion, Pavement represented all that was lo-fi. Although the band did break up in '99, distracted by families and other musical projects, rumors have arisen concering a possible reunion. Shall Pavement come together once more? We'll find out later. Listen while you wait.

mp3 Black Out
mp3 Type Slowly
mp3 Shady Lane

Pavement's Myspace

Blogger The Two Mirrors said...
They are going to reissue Wowee Zowee as a double cd too. Best freaking band in the world.