Pretty Girls Make Graves
In 1958, Jack Kerouac wrote in his book, The Dharma Bums, "Pretty girls make graves." Almost thirty years later, The Smiths released an identically named song. Over a decade after that, the song inspired the christening of this Seattle-based band, Pretty Girls Make Graves. Just lovely how things connect, don't you think? Originally signed to Dim Mak, now joined to Matador records, Pretty Girls has had some recent changes. Just a couple years ago, guitarist Nathan Thelen left the group, leaving room for a second female, Leona Marrs (I adore her name), keyboardist and accordionist (tehe). Their sound is trebly and crisp, with perfectly balanced female and male vocals. Unique and beautifully discordant, Pretty Girls Make Graves is a must-listen-to.

mp3 All Medicated Geniuses
mp3 Liquid Courage
mp3 Speakers Push the Air
mp3 The Nocturnal House

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