[Rod Thomas]
So somewhere I read that this fellow was born between two villages in South Wales. That's between two villages, now if you're born between two villages, it's pretty much granted that you're going to have to gain a hobby. Lucky for us, Rod Thomas chose music. This charmer I figure was a big fish in a small pond, and thus relocated to the oceanic metropolis that is London where he was then discovered by a contributing writer to the Londonist while busking in the Underground at Trentham Court Station - and now here he is. Rod Thomas (thats's Rod, not Rob) is a 23-yr old busker by day and a...well I don't know what his night job is, but it's given that he's 24/7 musician. Rod calls his sound, "acoustic disco indie pop" and even tops off that description with an exclamation point. Now I don't know what to call it myself, but I like it. Good Coat in particular strikes a chord with me with its' handclapping and overly simple layers - his sound is just ready for Fall (though lately many of us have been hit by hotter temps). Rod Thomas plays gigs here and there in various London venues, and yes, perhaps even a tube station or two - you can even slip in a five and check him out at the Troubador in a few days. Rod Thomas, an underground find in more ways than one...

Various Songs From Rod Thomas (all songs are right click - save as)
Good Coat
So Much Prettier
A New Word To Say

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Blogger The Two Mirrors said...
Let me start by saying that I am tradionally the one who says, "Oh now I get it." Meaning that the first time I hear a band or singer in this case I may not enjoy it as much as I might in a few months. But my first impression of Rod (not Rob) was not overly enthusiastic. Don't get me wrong it wasn't bad, but I was a little let down. Don't worry I'll be writing in few months saying, "oh now I get it."

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
Though I am sorta bummed to hear that, I'm used to the "bit o' time, bit o' love" thing since thats exactly the kind of music I put Alina(aka the other side of the mouth) through, like her now much-loved Anathallo lol. I should have mentioned at the beginning of the post that Mr. Thomas is off step from my usual stuff though.