Silversun Pickups
Brad and I have just received the Silversun Pickups' latest album, Carnavas, and I can't seem to take it out of my ghetto early '90's boombox. This may be due to the fact that the lid gets stuck every so often, but that is besides the point; the Silversun Pickups are quite a find. From Los Angeles, but sans "almost famous" attitude, this band is strikingly humble, always ready to divulge upon their first painfully awkward live shows and initial confusion of their musical direction. But the Silversun Pickups have definitely gotten it together now. Their music is delightfully melodic, surprising from a mesh of fuzzy guitars and seemingly constant rhythm. But alas, hypnotic melodies arise from each and every one of their anthem-like songs. The Silversun Pickups are on tour now with Viva Voce; the shows are wideranging and a plenty, making it quite probable that they will be playing at a venue near you. Make sure to check them out!

mp3 Lazy Eye
mp3 Well Thought Out Twinkles
mp3 Kissing Families
mp3 Little Lovers
mp3 Waste it On

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