[Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin]
Three months ago, sometime around now, Alina and I would have been discussing the establishment of this blog - ah, yes, we're barely three months old. Well part of that late start and our young blog age is what I'm going to call blogger's remorse. It's the idea of wanting to post on a band you heard and loved before you started a blog. I've had various fits of these ever since Both Sides of the Mouth started, but a few of those bands have given me reason to post on them with news of say a new album or tour. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, what are you up to? Why a tour of course! And they stretch from the last day of August to the 23rd of September with dates that boast Oh No! Oh My!, Birdmonster or Of Montreal for company. I remember way back long ago, I wanted to listen to these kids on the simple basis that their name was Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin; the fact that they have good music to boot alongside their good name is a plus. SSLBY describe themselves as the third best band on Weller St. in Springfield, Missourri. Well, either that's a very long, talented street or bloggers have yet to find those other two bands. For now, we're content with loving you Boris Yeltsin, and we love the fact that you give us your home phone number too. Even if I didn't find out about their tour today, chances are I probably would have gone and posted on SSLYBY anyway on the simple hope that I'd make someone happy with their pop rock - they are, as YANP Matt said, "groovy."

Various Songs from SSLYBY's Broom (all songs are right click - save as):
Oregon Girl
I Am Warm & Powerful
House Fire

Check out their tour dates at the SSLYBY site.
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Blogger Julio Enriquez said...
saw them open up for sound team and they were suprisngly good, very catchy tunes....