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Some weeks ago, a friend of mine suggested the rather freakish video Banana Man on Transbuddha via Albino Blacksheep; I didn't bother clicking since the preview still was a large-eyed man holding a bunch of bananas. Well...never would I have guessed that the freaky little video I refused to watch was done by the likes of the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based band Tally Hall. This quintet is named after a now defunct shopping mall, and each member dons a different boldy colored tie for their white shirt, black dress pant uniform - apparently they thought it was neat how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had different colored bandanas; being neither mutants or having a shell, they prompted instead for the conservative colored tie to suit look. Tally Hall piqued some national interest when keyboardist Andrew Horowitz, the green tie, won the 2004 John Lennon Scholarship presented by the Ono herself for having written "Good Day." With that said, Tally Hall's sound is both simple and complex, and not only that, they change tempo like crazy. Quite plainly, Tally Hall are fun to listen to. So yeah, what more can I tell you? I really can't say, Tally Hall's just Tally Hall. You pop them in, listen and let them take you whereever the hell they want to...

From Tally Hall's Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum (all songs are right click - save as):
Good Day
Taken For A Ride

Check out their September tour dates at the Tally Hall site.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
yes - tally hall rocks... sure wish they'd come to Seattle!