Three Mile Pilot
Hummuna hummuna! I finally bring to you a band newly ressurected. Rumored to be lifeless since '98, Three Mile Pilot is now reunited and ready to release a new album in 2007, almost a decade later after their supposed demise. This trio, native to San Diego, began their journey as an indie band in early '92, with a guitar player who did not yet know how.. to play.. guitar... Oddly enough, he soon learned, and then off 3MP (as they are commonly referred to) went! Their sound is trebly, gritty, eclectic, and gorgeous. Look out for them in the coming year!
(My absolute favorite song is On a Ship to Bangladesh which you must listen to with much haste. It will make you happy, I assure you.)

mp3 On a Ship to Bangladesh

3MP's Official Site
3MP'S Myspace
Ohmigosh, ohmigosh, I don't have but one song to give you. Please find it in your hearts to forgive me and listen to more via myspace.