The Unicorns
Unlike the band, The Unicorns really are of Montreal. Formed in 2000 and dead by 2004 (I know, I know, I'll cover a living band soon), the Unicorns had half a decade of upbeat, happy-go-lucky, twisted and ironically disturbing music making. With puzzling album and song titles like Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? and Inoculate the Innocuous, respectively, it is no secret that the band was not only odd, but crazy. By the end of their reign, they were cussing out audience members onstage and giving a naughty name to their beloved mythical creature. But that is not what they will be remembered for. Instead, their kooky style and quirky sound will assure that The Unicorns live on, at least in spirit, forever.

mp3 Sea Ghost
mp3 Child Star
m4a I Was Born (a Unicorn)
m4a Inoculate the Innocuous

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