Wallow, All You Broken Hearts
I can't speak for Bradley, but I can safely say for myself that I have suffered heartache. Nothing too recent or anything, but it's there. Anyway, I understand that although wallowing one's self in heartbreaking music may not help to heal the wound, it still gives a sense of sickening comfort. So, wallow, all you broken hearts, and listen to these songs that will undoubtedly aid you on your quest for ultimate indulgence in pain.

mp3 Dashboard Confessional- Standard Lines
mp3 The Get Up Kids- The Most Depressing Song
mp3 Rainer Maria- Ears Ring
mp3 Death Cab for Cutie- Someday You Will Be Loved
mp3 Mineral- Gloria
mp3 The Promise Ring- Heart of a Broken Story
mp3 Kings of Convenience- Gold in the Air of Summer
mp3 Interpol- NYC
Anonymous Casandra, Brokenhearted said...
that helped.

thank you

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I thought my broken heart would never heal but the music helped it thanks. signed broken heart

Anonymous Anonymous said...
for the pppl that have /had their hearts broken FORGET ABOUT IT and just say that what the hell i am not the one who is supposed to be sad its the other person that is !! so go and have fun dont just sit there doin nothin CZ LIFE IS TO SHORT so dont waste the time you have!!