"...and we weirded out some strangers."

It took me two emails to get hooked on Yossarian. The first email was a blank letter accidentally sent by one of the members while he was at work, so, needless to say, it was the second email that really told me what exactly Yossarian is. So what is Yossarian? Yossarian is a Cardiff based quartet that set roots in my iPod as yet another great UK export. Coming together as a band sometime in 2oo3 on the basis that they each had good skills to contribute - one can draw a good snake, one can stay up past one, one can grow a proper beard and another can speak a bit of French (when drunk) - Yossarian became offical when they took their name from the paranoid protagonist of Catch-22. Here and there, Yossarian echoes influences from Bloc Party and sometimes a bit of the Arctic Monkeys (the bits you hate to admit you like), but for the most part Yossarian is Yossarian - a band that might remind you of one of your best friends or something, the one that can make embarassing things "cool." The boys are currently unsigned, and though they've never played farther than London, they hope to come to my fair city across the Atlantic for South By Southwest - hopefully they end up doing both by accomplishing one or the other. So give an ear to Yossarian...

Various songs from Yossarian (all songs are right click - save as):
Indie Disco

The boys are kind enough to offer you a free four-song ep if you just hand them your address, and they also have a few gigs lined up for September. Being self-proclaimed myspace junkies and having the ability to accomplish both of the aforementioned tasks at one site, I'll just send you off to their myspace.

Be their friend

Otherwheres - I like Of Montreal. You like Of Montreal. Apparently, Alan at *sixeyes likes Of Montreal too, because he just posted a ton of songs from that group right here.
Anonymous Kerry said...
i like Of Montreal too!!! awesome frame btw. you're so darn creative, brad. i'm jealous. lol. ciao, darling!