The Black Heart Procession
The Black Heart Procession. The band would be fitting in a Bond, Moulin Rouge, or Kill Bill soundtrack. James completely flooring a bimbo at some lavish ball, dancing prostitutes being serenaded by buff men wearing eyeliner, Uma Thurman driving her convertible through a winding canyon... Yes, The Black Heart Procession would be appropriate in any of these movies. Their sound is dramatic, with a slew of instruments, including, but not exclusive to, the standard drum kit, guitar, bass, and keyboard, in addition to electronic samplers, the violin, the standup bass, and the saw (oh yes, the saw can indeed be played). As for vocals, BHP has a chorus-like feel. Vocal layering is evident and prominent in all their songs. For one lone voice to dominate a song is for The Black Heart Procession not to be The Black Heart Procession. The band has recently wrapped up a huge American tour after the release of their newest album The Spell. Yea, aw, we missed them. But do not fret, they'll be back... maybe... sometime... later... check out their songs...

From The Spell
mp3 Not Just Words

From Amore Del Tropico
mp3 Tropics of Love

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Anonymous ebc brakes said...
Love this band, can't wait for their new record, "Six".