[The Bridge Gang]
Way back when, while Nothing But Green Lights was still Take Your Medicine (now his podcast site), Mike posted on the London-based trio The Bridge Gang. Describing themselves as sounding like a lion eating a hyena, The Bridge Gang, I prefer to think, carry a sound that's just hard, loud rock. The trio - Jose, Lucy and Bret - came together in 2004, I'm guessing, out of necessity; Jose and Bret say no one would dare hire them, and Lucy held a day job that outlined the sale of miniature people to model builders. Off of that, they could have just come together on the basis that they like to make loud noises. Being a threesome, a triad, a crowd, they're limited in the layers they can put out. So what do they do to counteract this limitation? They make LOUD music. Standing in front of a tower of speakers at one of their shows could probably coax an asthma attack. My favorite from these kids and the hook that brought me to them is a little ditty called Sarah's Brother - a grown up nursery rhyme of sorts. Nestled in a commanding drum and guitar beat are lyrics describing the fate of Sarah's brother, but what exactly happened to him is up to you and your imagination. Heads up, listen up to The Bridge Gang and enjoy the rest of your weekend guys...

Various songs from The Bridge Gang (all songs are right click - save as):
Sarah's Brother
Blue Sky Grey
The Gallery

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