Wrong! They are not lesbian lovers; CoCoRosie is, in fact, a sisterly duo, consisting of Bianca and Sierra Casady. (The picture doesn't display that fact all that well, I am aware, but it shall be explained later on.) Growing up, Bianca was nicknamed "Coco" by their mother; Sierra was "Rosie." Alas, CocoRosie! Although they may seem extremely comfortable with each other above, Bianca and Sierra were not always bosom buddies. Growing up in an extremely estranged, fleeting household, the sisters found themselves moving from reservation to reservation (they're half-Cherokee), state to state, country to country. When Sierra was kicked out of the house at age 14, she and her sister lost contact. They did not reunite until almost a decade later, in Sierra's tiny apartment in Paris. Once together, they decided to experiment musically in the bathroom, the most acoustic room in the place. After a month of musical mixing in the bathtub (get the picture, now?), their debut album La Maison de Rêve was born. Featuring toys, beatboxing (done by Bianca), bleeps, bloops, tape hisses, flutes, and of course, their striking voices (completely different from each other, by the way), CocoRosie has an undeniably trippy sound. Psychedelic, yet folkish, with hip hop influences, the pair can be classified as anything but normal. Their latest album release was in 2005, with Noah's Ark, which is undeniably the most ambitious of their works. They plan to release another album in the spring of 2007, with a consequent Brazilian and American tour. Needless to say, CocoRosie has cemented the girls' sisterhood.

La Maison de Rêve
mp3 Good Friday

From Noah's Ark
mp3 Noah's Ark

CocoRosie's Official site
CocoRosie's Myspace
(In the Myspace world, they classify themselves as Christian Rap/Black Metal. Guffaw, guffaw.)
Blogger nosleep333 said...
You're correct. They aren't lesbians but women who like men dressed as women. Lil role reversal is all and I am proud to say I would have no problem whatsoever wearing a dress to connect a lil further with these two sisters. lol