[The Fratellis]
All right kiddos, sit down 'cause The Fratellis are here to offend you in the most welcomed way you ever thought was possible. That's right - don't expect any epiphanic moments with this trio. No, these boys are just singin' about how they're looking for a bit of fun here and there...in bed - most likely. This Glasgow trio is composed of John, Barry, and Mince Fratelli. Brothers? Not really. Barry's the only Fratelli here, and it doesn't take a DNA test to verify that the fellow isn't related to the two other guys. It only took a few well-placed record shop ads before the triumvirate began funneling their unchaste tunage through pub speakers in 2005. Fast-paced and rather friendly with the strings of the guitar, The Fratellis exhibit a mix of sounds from the various UK acts streaming out of those isles. Flathead in particular shows a rather keen marriage between The Archie Bronson Outfit and The Arctic Monkeys - oh shush, you know you like them even just a little bit. As always though, it's the tambourining, handclaps and the "why of course I'd be happy to sing along!" choruses that grabbed me...in bed. The Fratellis' debut album Costello Music was released in the UK September 11, but US release plans are rather unknown...

From The Fratellis' Costello Music (all songs are right click - save as):
Chelsea Dagger

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Oh and just fair warning, chances are I won't be able to post on Friday...
Anonymous B. said...
Aren't the Fratellis just brilliant? Every song on that album is so catchy - 2 weeks later and I still can't stop listening. Hope you people on the other side of the Atlantic are treated to this musical delight some time soon.


Me: Blanathema

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
B. - Definitely a find I found refreshing, and I'm hoping they'll pop by again for South By or something. I didn't hear of them till now so even though they did that fest last year, I sort of just hazied them over...