Grand National
Rupert Lyddon and Lawrence "La" Rudd are Grand National. Originally a Police cover band, Grand National has recently made their debut in America after releasing their first LP, Kicking the National Habit, in their home, the UK, in late 2004. Their sound is dance, rock, new wave, postpunk, and Britpop, all rolled into one accessible package. Although their "dance-rock" label may bring warranted comparisons to bands like The Bravery or The Killers, Grand National is far more musically mature. Incorporating reggae beats, brass, and other organic sounds along with the synthesizers of their contemporaries, the duo stays true to their original musical muse, The Police. All comparisons aside, Grand National is a fresh, complex, and spirited band, eager to deliver expertly crafted music you can rock to on an international dance floor.

mp3 Drink to Moving On
mp3 Talk Amongst Yourselves
mp3 Cherry Tree

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Anonymous The Music Nazi said...
I love this album, it was recommended by someone on my site a few months back - great album. . .