[The Grates: Album Review]
If a list were ever to be compiled of bands I can easily speak fondly of, you can bet your bippy that The Grates would be nestled somewhere in there. This Australian trio carries the typical frenzied glee that laces much of the countrinent's musical exports. I've said it before, and yes, I'll say it again - The Grates are just one variation of the condensed euphoria exported by Australia on a bimonthly basis. So what's the latest product being offered by The Grates to bounce your days into delight? Hrm, why I believe that would be the trio's first full-length - Gravity Won't Get You High. Gravity manages to capture the frolicky aura that is The Grates, and I was expecting nothing less from the band that treats their concerts like birthday parties. After all, taking all those birthdays in mind, you'd expect a band that's turned oh say 200 years old to know what they're doing. Gravity will be no stranger to the Grates fan; it carries the typical favorites like Lies and 19 20 20 while sprinkling in some newer surprises to embrace with tracks such as Science Is Golden. Yes, the apple never falls far from the tree indeed, and Gravity still holds well in the natural environment of balloons, ball pits, and birthday cake. Overall, Gravity never strays from the box of fun that is The Grates and garners from this child four out of five trampoline jumps for all its fun and streamers.

From The Grates' Gravity Won't Get You High (all songs are right click - save as):
19 20 20
Little People

The Grates are holding a contest till mid-October for a DS Lite, and all you have to do is sign up for their mailing list. Do that and maybe learn another thing or two at The Grates site.
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