Grizzly Bear
I personally have a fond association with the grizzly bear. It was my state mammal (California, whoot), my first teddy bear (Mr. Bear, whoot, I'm original, whoot), and is now a great four-piece band from Brooklyn (I don't mean to make it sound like Grizzly Bear is brand-new; they were actually birthed in 2004, but they're relatively new, nevertheless). If I had to describe Grizzly Bear with one word, it would be "melancholy," except completely void of any negative connotations that one might have with that word. Extremely low-key, eery, and slow, Grizzly Bear is another one of those bands that makes me want to do karate in slow motion (please don't scoff; that's honestly how I feel). Unlike a lot of their heart-pumping, drum-smashing, guitar-licking peers, Grizzly Bear plays with so much pressing feeling. The sound just seems to be expertly shaped and crafted in such a way that the most meaning spills out. Whether their songs are about deep sea diving or piercing heartbreak, you just know that whatever they're singing, they mean it with all of their heart. Incredibly intense, I know. Grizzly Bear is currently on tour right now, hopping the U.S./Canada border every once in a while so check out the tour date list I've posted and try to catch them!

(all off their latest album, Yellow House, released on Warp Records)
mp3 Easier
mp3 Lullabye
mp3 Central and Remote
mp3 Marla

(all shows begin at 8:00 PM)

Sept. 26 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY
Sept. 28 Spaceland Los Angeles, CA
Sept. 29 The Independent San Francisco, CA
Oct. 1 WOW Hall Eugene, OR
Oct. 2 Wonder Ballroom Portland, OR
Oct. 3 Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, BC
Oct. 4 Showbox Seattle, WA
Oct. 7 Playmakers Fargo, ND
Oct. 8 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN
Oct. 9 Smart Bar Chicago, IL
Oct. 10 St. Andrew Detroit, MI
Oct. 12 Opera House Toronto, ON
Oct. 13 Le National Montreal, QC
Oct. 14 Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA
Oct. 15 Nightclub 9:30 Washington, DC
Oct. 20 Sonar Baltimore, MD
Oct. 21 Starlight Ballroom Philadelphia, PA

Grizzly Bear's Official site
Grizzly Bear's Myspace
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