I'm not wearing any pants right now.
Well I've decided to be deliciously random today.

Random Facts About This Side of the Mouth

1. My favorite color is green.
2. Brad is my good friend.
3. I am on my third iPod.
4. I like to read.
5. I'm really not wearing any pants right now.

Random Facts About the Other Side of the Mouth
1. His shoes kind of all look the same.
2. He wears glasses.
3. He's left-handed.
4. His middle name is Benedict.
5. I'm pretty sure he's probably wearing pants right now.

Aw, well that was pretty fun. I'd like to know some random facts about you readers, too... If you'd like to share... If not, that's cool... Anyway...

... Here is a completely random mix of completely random songs from completely random artists and bands. Enjoy!

mp3 Lily Allen- Smile
mp3 Sufjan Stevens- A Sun Came
mp3 The Shins- A Call to Apathy
mp3 Of Montreal- Hang Onto Yourself (David Bowie, live)
mp3 Ooberman- Blossoms Falling
mp3 The Breeders- Cannonball
mp3 Alexi Murdoch- Blue Mind
mp3 Ben Folds- The Luckiest
mp3 Three Six Mafia- Stay Fly

... and yet another wondrous Baxter photo.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
my pants to my zipper is open. =)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
thanks 4 the song