Mates of State
Aww... they're such cute little lovebirds... Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel, the indie world's happiest married couple, has been proclaiming their love to the world through sweet, melodic power pop for five years now. They sing together, play their respective organ and drums together, and come up with extremely cheesy song titles together (i.e. "Like U Crazy"). Their complete infatuation with each other may be a bit sickening, but the catchiness of their music is undeniable. Their latest album, Bring It Back, is chock-full of tunes you'll be singing in your head after only one listen. Mates of State is just one happy duo. Happy bass, happy organ, happy drums, happy voices. Here's to hoping they never split!

From All Day
mp3 Goods (my personal favorite)

From Bring It Back
mp3 Like U Crazy
mp3 Nature and the Wreck

Mates of State's Official site
Mates of State's Myspace
Anonymous Orouni said...
My God how I love them. Thanks for this post.