Yes, yes, yes, this band is indeed named after the creepy yet lovable creatures from The Gremlins. Needless to say, Mogwai's always had a name change on the back burner, but "like a lot of things we never got 'round to it." Formed in Scotland back in '95, Mogwai is centered around incredibly long and reflective instrumental guitar breaks. Listen to Small Children in the Background, and you'll see what I mean. Distortion and other sound effects are also prevalent in their music, with a bounty of echoes and fuzzy feedback. But if one thing is essential to Mogwai's sound, it is most definitely melody. The bass in Mogwai serves more as another melodic guitar, rather than part of the rhythm. Mogwai is chill, relaxed, play-in-the-background-while-you're-thinking-about-life music. With a new album out last March, Mr Beast, and a European tour in the works as we speak, you should definitely check them out.

mp3 Small Children in the Background
mp3 Summer
mp3 Tracy

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Haha, I thought their name sounded familiar the first time I heard about them...