My Mathematical Mind

Math rock. Ooh, what a high strung genre. Crazy rhythms, driving verses, clashing guitars, energetic vocals. Music to get your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing. While "normal" rock bands make freqent use of 4/4 time, math rockers keep their songs in 3/8, 7/8, and 11/8, or choose to sporadically switch times and tempos midverse. This results in peculiar, unpredictable music which, while completely unnerving, is strangely beautiful nonetheless. How daringly mathematical, no?

I have some math rock faves below. Check out Thumbnail, 1.6 Band, and Shake Ray Turbine, too.

mp3 Death of Marat- Gemini
mp3 Braid- New Nathan Detroits
mp3 Owls- Everyone
mp3 Polvo- Tragic Carpet Ride
mp3 Drive Like Jehu- Bullet Train to Vegas

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