Songs of September
I sincerely apologize for the lack of post yesterday. My internet connection was going haywire. But alas, it is fine now and so am I, so here is my post that is now overdue.

I haven't done a mix in a while, so I decided that the birth of September 2006 would be a suitable reason for celebration. So I bring to you my Songs of September. Although it may have been cooling down for the rest of the world, here in Texas, it's still in the mid '90's. It will probably stay as such until, say, November? Thus, fall is dead to me. But, I still adore the unwitnessed season, and feel need to commemorate its momentous occassion with songs that sound fall-sy and autumn-sy. Listen and enjoy!

mp3 Joanna Newsom- Emily
mp3 The Mountain Goats- New Monster Avenue
mp3 Aloha- All the Wars
mp3 Midlake- Marion
mp3 Architecture in Helsinki- Maybe You Can Owe Me
mp3 Bloc Party- So Here We Are
mp3 Jimmy Eat World- Lucky Denver Mint
mp3 Pixies- Is She Weird

Baxter Photo
Anonymous Anonymous said...
great photo from baxter.
link #2, for mountain goats, it´s repeated from emily.

(congrats for the blog, one of my favourites)

Blogger Alina said...
oh wow, thank you so much for telling me about the link.
it's fixed now!