[The Submarines]
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I remember reading about this duet some months ago, but, sadly, I never really paid attention to them. All that was offered on the post for The Submarines was "Peace & Hate", and, like you guys, I thought, "Only one song to offer? I'll pass this post entirely..." Well that was a stupid reason to skip past, and I finally gave them a listen when a very good friend of mine resuggested them to me a few days ago. I'm currently not on my usual computer and have to put this post up on a friend's about 500 miles from my usual base of operations, so I'll keep this post short(er) so that I can enjoy my bit o' vacation. Sounding more like a super hero duo with Blake Hazard as the great granddaughter of F. Scott Fitzgerald growing up on the rurals of Vermont and John Dragonetti being raised in the desert wastelands of Arabia, this pair of star-crossed lovers came back together to, ironically, make airy, love music together. The Submarines are going on tour with rock-turned-bossa-nova act Nouvelle Vague in September.

Various Songs From The Submarines (all songs are right click - save as):
Peace & Hate
Brighter Discontent

Check out The Submarines' tour dates at their site.
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Yes, yes - sorry I missed posting the other day. Unlike my posting partner, however, I have no crappy computer to blame. I was off enjoying my labor day weekend, and couldn't get a post up around then. Now? Well I've just been stricken with the bad, bad side effects of procrastination, so sorry if my posts for this week end up being a little shoddy...