Andrew Bird
I am in love with Andrew Bird. He has such an endearing witty quality about him, a propensity for quirky pictures, a knack for knowing just the right thing to say. And I haven't even started talking about his music yet. His music is simple and delicate. Soft violins, even softer guitars, and a tattoo of drum beats comprise the instrumental segment of his music. Andrew's gentle, unassuming tenor voice provides the perfect vocal match. Once again, I am in love with Andrew Bird.
His latest album is Andrew Bird & The Mysterious Production of Eggs. Its songs are much like stories, with heartfelt narratives and instrumentals reminiscent of a gypsy-infested countryside. All minor harmonies and wavering melodies and slowly strummed chords and sliding strokes of violin. His sound is broadening with this record, and consequently my affection for him is growing.

mp3 A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head
mp3 Measuring Cups

Andrew Bird's Offical site

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