The Apples in Stereo
So they may have signed under Elijah Wood's new label and their drummer may have divorced the lead singer and left the band, but hey -- the Apples in Stereo are still a damn good band. Fourteen years old with four ex-members, two ex-labels, and one ex-wife, the band is preparing for the future. Their new album, New Magnetic Wonder, is set to release on February 7, 2007, with Elephant 6 buddies from The Olivia Tremor Control. The band may or may not include a new drummer and lead singer Robert Schneider has already snagged himself a new wife.
As for their sound, The Apples in Stereo are very comparable to The Beatles and The Beach Boys. The vocals are sometimes so similar to Paul's, it's scary. Very '60s-like, with much high-hat and peppy chorus lines, their music is something to lift your spirits and brighten your day.
How 'bout them apples?

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