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While Alina may be smitten with the likes of Andrew Bird, I've been particularly fond of a young fellow named Ben Kweller. Had I posted on Friday, it would have been over this guy. I remember the first time I saw a picture of Kweller - I thought that he must have been one of those gimmicky kid bands. Tha man, yes the man, barely looks a day over 18, yet Kweller, holding an ID verifying his actual mid-2os status, has been churning out his pop melodies for quite a bit of time. Adhering to the requirement that all lives be laced with a string of irony, Kweller shows a very mature prose and point of view in much of his work despite his youthful appearance and rather young age. Now I think it can be said that Kweller just gets better with age. I know I just said that about a guy only in his twenties, but when you stop to take a gander at his discography, Kweller's just increased in musical maturity and anchored his identity as a young musician in the progress from Sha Sha to On My Way to his latest, Ben Kweller. Ben Kweller follows his usual paradoxical complex, simplistic style, though this time he's a bit heavier set on the use of keys. I've only heard a few songs, but it seems to be a very good album.

From Ben Kweller's Self Titled Album (all songs are right click - save as):
Penny On The Train Track


Various Ben Kweller Songs:
I Need You Back
Wasted & Ready

Check out more info on this guy at the Ben Kweller site.
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Blogger The Two Mirrors said...
Brad--I've become quite the Ben Kweller fan lately. Did you snatch the copy that IGIF had of the Float On Cover. Good stuff.


Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
Zak - I forgot all about that Ben Lee cover, I saw it but never picked it up so thanks for the remind. MM covers, I find, are always different in the sense that they can never really be fully attached to the person doing it. Yeah I know that's how covers are, but covers usually give most association to the person doing the cover. Now I feel like I'm just rambling nonsense...