The Czars

Their name may be reminiscent of Russian tyrannical rulers with sticks shoved up their behinds, but The Czars are anything but. Denver natives, The Czars are the musical brainchild of John Grant, vocalist and songwriter extraordinaire. Grant's voice has been compared to a "sady-eyed angel," and nothing could be further from the truth. It has the capability of breaking your heart and making you smile with awe all at the same time. Low yet trebly, gentle, smooth, and unforced, Grant's vocals make the songs.
As for their overall sound, the Czars combine country, electronica, and folk. Generally low-tempo and flowing, their music is perfect lullabye material. Think Hem except with more originality, more rock, and better vocals. Insanely eclectic yet sophisticated, the Czars are a group to fall in love with.

mp3 I Am The Man
mp3 Dave's Dream
mp3 Lullabye 6000

The Czars' Official site
The Czars' Myspace

Blogger Baby said...
Truly lovely lullabye music. I care for it greatly, so thank you for the tip.

cheers, baby

Anonymous Orouni said...
Great band... They really deserve to be more known!