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So today I dug deep into my library to see if I could remind you of anybody, and so I stumbled onto Brooklyn duo The Eastern Stars. Thanks to their ever knowledgable site - The Eastern Stars took their name from Masonic roots. The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world in which both men and women may belong. So, The Eastern Stars are, clearly, about male/female unity, and unity indeed - this duo take their charm from the use of contrasting male/female vocals. The soft, deep whispers of Rob Corradetti blend smoothly with Kaia Wong's hushed, airy voice, and it was this attribute that qualified them a while back for my Some Are Lovers, Some Are Friends mix. The Eastern Stars' sound definitely carries an air of folk, and their debut LP, July 5th, 1961, progresses from straight-out folk to a more experimental hand in that genre. Overall, they carry a very simplified sound that seems very stripped and bare, but it definitely works. The duo hopes to tour early next year, and is already in plans to open for Of Montreal in early March. Early March hrm, perhaps that means they can stop by for South By. Oh, and as for July 5th, 1961 - nothing seems to have happened that day, in case you were curious.

Various songs from The Eastern Stars (all songs are right click - save as):
Lovely Love
Little Punk
They Know What To Do

Learn more about The Eastern Stars at their site.
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