Future Sex/Love Sounds
No, this is not a Justin Timberlake album review. This is actually quite the opposite -- a mix full of SEX SONGS! Here you will find six (which sounds a lot like "sex") songs that have sex as their main themes.
Some are sneaky sneaky in their sexual intentions. Yes, "Crash into Me" is all about sex. Dave Matthews is indeed a horny little bastard (i.e. "Hike up your skirt a little more/Show your world to me.") Architecture in Helsinki's sexual puns are also pretty discreet... Frenchy, i'm faking... an orgasm?
Now the other songs are downright crude. Karen O actually has, or pretends to have, an orgasm in "Date with the Night." Conor Oberst sings of his escapades with a prostitute in "Lover I Don't Have to Love." As for The Faint and Son, Ambulance, their titles alone should show their lack of sexual inhibitions.
So enjoy the mix, and practice safe sex everyone!

mp3 Bright Eyes- Lover I Don't Have to Love

mp3 Architecture in Helsinki- Frenchy, I'm Faking
mp3 Dave Matthews Band- Crash into Me
mp3 Son, Ambulance- Sex in C Minor
mp3 Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Date with the Night
mp3 The Faint- Worked Up So Sexual


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