The Inner Banks
What do The Inner Banks look like? My searches have been futile, and this is the only picture I could get representing the band. But just in case you were wondering, The Inner Banks is composed of a married couple which is itself composed of multi-instrumentalist David Gould and singer/songwriter Caroline Schutz. The two have been on the music scene for years before The Inner Banks, in bands such as The Bootleg Remedy and Folk Songs For The Afterlife, the latter in which they met and fell in loooove. They're looking to drop their self-titled debut album on December 5 which showcases a shitload of other debuting artists and past members of The Bootleg Remedy. So yes, keep your eyes and ears out.
Their sound reminds me a bit of Tunng and the soundtrack for The Secret Garden, the movie. It's basically slowmotion karate in the fields again. Really pretty with acoustic guitars and slides and gentle echoey voices. All in all, the sound is mature, a bit eery, delicate, and painstakingly crafted.

mp3 Acoustic
mp3 Glittering Sky

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