Juana Molina

Unlike Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Lopez, Hilary Duff, and Ashlee Simpson, Juana Molina is an actress that can sing. Famous in Latin America for her TV shows La Noticia Rebelde and Juana y sus hermanas, Juana began her singing career a decade ago and has since released four albums, the latest of which, Son, being released this year. Juana is a native Argentinian, so all her music is sung in Spanish. It doesn't sound like Spanish to me for some reason though. When she sings it, it sounds more like Portuguese. ... Anyway, her sound is very gentle and folky, with ambient and electronica undertones. Brad says she looks like an abusive single mom, but trust me - she sounds like anything but. Her voice is smooth and innocent -- almost child-like. Catch her on tour with Adem -- tour dates can be found on both her site and her Myspace.

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