La Rocca
I wonder, would it be blasphemy to compare these guys to Spoon? I'll do it anyway. La Rocca sounds kind of like Spoon. I can't really place my finger on it. Perhaps a lot of it has to do with the vocals. Lead singer Bjorn Baillie doesn't exactly sound like Brit, but he approaches his singing in the same way -- very in control, with attitude and energy. I can picture Bjorn strutting around stage with his guitar after finishing a verse like Brit often does. Bass lines are pretty Spoon-reminiscent as well... Alright, they're not as Spoon-y as Robbers on High Street, but Spoon is still kind of there.

H'okay, well, enough with the unsuccessful Spoon comparison. La Rocca is beautiful. Instrumentally, vocally, rhythmically, lyrically, everything-ally, La Rocca is solid. With a stress on piano and keys (Brad, you'll like them), their music is upbeat, friendly, and mature rock. The sound is very accessible, polished, and presentable. La Rocca= one size fits all and ON TOUR!

Upcoming tour dates:

Oct. 23 Bottleneck 8:00 P.M. Lawrence, KS
Oct. 24 400 Bar
8:00 P.M. Minneapolis, MN
Oct. 26 Schubas Tavern
8:00 P.M. Chicago, IL
Oct. 27 The Shelter
8:00 P.M. Detroit, MI
Oct. 28 Rockstar @ Peabody's
8:00 P.M. Cleveland, OH
Oct. 30 Pianos
8:00 P.M. New York, NY
Nov. 2 CMJ FESTIVAL Pianos
8:00 P.M. New York, NY
Nov. 3 Middle East
8:00 P.M. Cambridge, MA
Nov. 4 Union Hall
8:00 P.M. New York, NY
Nov. 5 Trocadero
8:00 P.M. Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 6 DC9 9:00 P.M. Washington, D.C.
Nov. 8 Cats Cradle
8:00 P.M. Chapel Hill, NC
Nov. 11 Gazellig Bar 9:00 P.M. Dallas, TX
Nov. 15 The Troubador
8:00 P.M. Los Angeles, CA

So listen to the songs (I hope m4a is cool with everyone), check them out if they're swinging by your town, and go out and get their latest, The Truth!

m4a Non Believer
m4a Sing Song Sung
m4a Eyes While Open

La Rocca's Official site
La Rocca's Myspace
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