Lily Allen
Seeing as how, since her debut in July, she has taken the world by storm, this post on the delightfully fun and cute Lily Allen seems a couple months overdue. However, she is as fresh now as she was then and still undeniably noteworthy. A London native with a quirky and uninhibited accent, Lily brings a new face to the UK pop scene. Although her voice and melodies may seem as sweet as sugar, her lyrics ironically imply otherwise. References to crackwhores, pimps, pot, and "fucking that girl next door" are scattered throughout her music like iron sprinkles in a pink frosted cupcake. But it's exactly that kind of unapologetic attitude that makes Lily so endearing. She is who she is -- a crude, stylish, accented Brit -- and we all love her for it.

Yes, yes, yes, Lily is currently on tour...
...but not in the States. You can catch her throughout Europe, and seeing as how I'm too lazy to post any more tour dates, you can look 'em up on the "Live" section of her official site. H'okay.

mp3 Alfie
mp3 Smile
mp3 Friend of Mine

Lily Allen's Official site
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