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Ever since I saw these kids back in June, I've wanted to talk about the Lovely Feathers for quite some time now, and just my luck, they've decided to tour. The Lovely Feathers are a Quebec quintet - Montreal to be exact. Their origin alone probably automatically jumbles them into a group encasing the "Montreal sound" - Wolf Parade and the like. These boys, however, are brilliantly different. While most of the complexities I"m been talking about lately refer to the mixing of contrasts, the Lovely Feathers like to build on only one side of the spectrum resulting in a thick sound of eccentricities and chaos. That's not to say dualities aren't covered; the vocals between Mark Kupfert and Richard Yanofsky, for example, present two sides in a radically different way. They probably sound like they'd be all over the place, and they are. But there truly is a method to their madness, and that's why their sound works. Full of slicing guitars, tambourines and shoutable choruses, the Lovely Feathers can make for a rather good time. The Lovely Feathers are hopping up and around Americanada in November, and I highly suggest you check them out. I caught them sans a feather, but their show was amazing nonetheless. The live experience with the Feathers is highly interactive; it's active period. Grab onto your chair and rock yourself out with the Lovely Feathers...

Various songs from The Lovely Feathers (all songs are right click - save as):
Pope John Paul
In The Valley
Breakfast Cake

Check out their tour dates at the Lovely Feathers site.
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Blogger Mr. Curiosity said...
Me gusta.

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
Heyo - glad you liked them, I'm guessing that means you didn't catch them when they were in town way back in June. Next time they're in Austin Curio, check them out!