Paul Brill

I shouldn't like Paul Brill. How can I listen to someone who's been quoted to say, "My goal is to have no guitar... I'd like to do a song without it...?" Yet even though I am a guitar-worshipper, I still find myself respecting, and even enjoying, Paul Brill and his music. If I had to pigeonhole Paul into one genre, I suppose it would be electronic folk. Somehow, he has found a way to take what would be a very typical folk song, strip it of its fundamental acoustic guitar, add electronical instrumentation, and still somehow keep its folk roots. This task, once seemingly impossible, is achieved by Paul Brill with apparent ease.
Paul is also a composer, creating scores for films such as The Trial of Darryl Hunt, The Devil Came on Horseback, and Darfur Pindemonium. His newest album, Harpooner, drops this November with a release party on the October 26th. So if you're in New York City and you want to check him out, head to Joe's Pub at 7:00 P.M. for a party and a performance with special guest, Essie Jain.

mp3 Paris is On
mp3 Paris is On (Jason Forrest mix)
mp3 Paris is On (Pinto remix)

mp3 Summer Cold

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Anonymous Johnny said...
Beautiful stuff Alina. I've been listening to the Andrew Bird track for a few days and now another great talent in Paul Brill. Thanks

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I dont know about you... but I tend to think that Paul Brill's lyrical content lacks much substance and has much to be desired.

Blogger Chucky said...
Are you smoking crack? His lyrics are incredible. Go back to your Bon Jovi records...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'll pretty much have to agree with (the other) anonymous. The stuff is lukewarm though sometimes evocative. But it seems like a Hallmark card you'd get from a college girl, more or less.