The Postmarks

Where the hell have The Postmarks been hiding? Music this mature and expertly crafted should've been released years ago. However, this group is a baby to the public music scene. Signed to UnFiltered Records just last year and releasing their self-titled debut album on January 3rd, The Postmarks have been practically unheard of. Once the shit hits the fan though (and by shit, I mean beautiful music), the Postmarks will be everywhere. They're currently playing a few shows (the dates are posted) and will be featured on this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. OoOoh. Tim Yehezkely (she's a girl) leads the group with her sweet, unforced, delightfully childish voice. Instrumentalists Christopher Moll and Jonathan Wilkins set a cute and complementary backdrop to Tim's voice, resulting in feel-good, warm and fuzzy, pop.

Oct. 14 Dada Delray Beach, FL
Oct. 21 The District Miami, FL
Oct. 26 Respectable Street West Palm Beach, FL
Nov. 2 Mo'Pitkins New York City, NY

mp3 Goodbye

The Postmarks' Official site
The Postmarks' Myspace

Anonymous baby said...
Thanks for the tip, this is a nice group. Unfortunately not coming through my beloved Portland, but alas.

cheers, baby

Blogger milowent said...
Goodbye is just an incredible song. Thanks!