Christopher Willits

No, your audio isn't freaking out -- it's just Christopher Willits! Upon listening to his album, Surf Boundaries, I found myself adjusting my speakers and tinkering with my controls, thinking the CD was skipping a million times a minute. Little did I know, that's just Willits's style.
His music is complex to say the least. This Bay Area multimedia artist is pledged for his homemade signal processing software that he uses with the guitar. Together, Willits can generate improvised melodies with interweaving guitar riffs and harmonies, all playing at once. Yea, San Franciscans know how to represent.
Extremely instrumental-based, the majority of his songs lack any form of vocals whatsoever. Instead both electronic and acoustic sounds fill the void. In his music you'll find the default drum kit, guitar, and keyboard, all played with a considerable amount of skill (listen to the drums in Yellow Spring). Trumpets are also present, casually complementing the electronic bleeps and bloops that are ever present in Willits's music.
I said vocals are pretty subjugated, but when they are present, they're great. Smooth and airy and chorus-like (yay), vocals are on the same level as the instruments. Simply there as another sound, voices bring further life to the songs, songs that are pleasant, light, and above all, ethereal.

Tour Information
Nov. 28
World Café, upstairs Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 29 Joe's Pub New York, NY
Nov. 30 Floristree Baltimore, MD
Dec. 1 U. Mich @ Michigan League Underground Ann Arbor, MI
Dec. 2 CAID Detroit, MI
Dec. 3 The Lager House Detroit, MI
Dec. 4 Smart Bar Chicago, IL
Dec. 5 Spaceland Hollywood, CA
Dec. 6 Cafe du Nord San Francisco, CA
Dec. 11 Holocene Portland, OR
Dec. 12 The Baltic Room Seattle, WA
Dec. 14 The Mark Olympia, WA

mp3 Colors Shifting
mp3 Yellow Spring

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