The Good Life

The Good Life is another one of those big band frontman's side projects gone kind of big. Tim Kasher of the almighty Cursive started The Good Life after wanting to differ his songwriting approach. It soon grew arms, legs, and bandmates, and began walking around on its own!
Being that Kasher does the vocals, Cursive is most definitely prevalent in The Good Life's music. However, The Good Life is much softer, moodier, and more emotional. Damn good breakup music this is. The lyrics are all centered around heartbreak and the heartbroken. The music can be consequently delicate or heartwrenching, all depending on what stage of the breakup one is in. Just called it quits and want to tear your former significant other from your memory? That's Notes in His Pockets. Reminscing and crying over what once was? That's Early Out the Gate. Every heartbreak has a song with The Good Life.
And you can hear them all live (in Nebraska)!

Tour Dates:
Dec. 21 Saddle Creek Bar Omaha, NE
Dec. 22 Knickerbockers Lincoln, NE
Dec. 23 Sokol Underground Omaha, NE

mp3 Notes in His Pockets
mp3 I Am an Island
mp3 Always a Bridesmaid