The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady is a Brooklyn-based band from Minneapolis, just like Both Sides is an Austin-based blog from the Bay and the Valley. They're so rock & roll, it's not even funny. The riffs, the vocals, the beats, everything but the look, is solid rock & roll. Based solely on their sound, I would assume that The Hold Steady would be full of platform-flaunting, costume-wearing, middle-aged men stomping around on stage with fog hazing the audience's view. But alas! I couldn't be more wrong. In The Hold Steady we have baldies, double chins, and beer bellies galore. Just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover. ...Or a band's look by its sound. ... Or a band's sound by its look.

Alright, I feel like I'm making The Hold Steady seem like a really shitty band -- please don't think they're anything like KISS. But they're definitely rockers, with a lot of gain, a lot of crash, and a lot of whammy. Guitar slides are frequent and the vocals are undeniably rock & roll -- mature and husky and leaned back. You know, indie would be nowhere without rock, so I dig bands like The Hold Steady, bands that ultimately stay true to its musical roots, bringing us all some more of the sorely missed guitar solos and the steady 4/4 snare/highhat beats that we have been lacking. They're currently undergoing a winter tour, so check 'em out once they head to your town.

Tour Info:
Nov. 25 Black Cat Washington, DC
Nov. 26 Cat's Cradle Carrboro, NC
Nov. 27 New Brookland Tavern Columbia, SC
Nov. 29 The Social Orlando, FL
Nov. 30 Orpheum Tampa, FL
Dec. 1 Beta Bar Tallahassee, FL
Dec. 2 The Parish at House of Blues New Orleans, LA
Dec. 4 Sticky Fingerz Chicken Shack Little Rock, AR
Dec. 5 Mojo's Columbia, MO
Dec. 6 The Bottleneck Lawrence, KS
Dec. 7 The Picador (formerly Gabe's Oasis) Iowa City, IA
Dec. 8 Southgate House Newport, KY
Dec. 9 Headliner's Louisville, KY
Dec. 11 The Grog Shop Cleveland Heights, OH
Dec. 13 Showplace Buffalo, NY
Dec. 14 Valentines Albany, NY
Dec. 15 Pearl Street Northampton, MA

mp3 Hot Soft Light
mp3 Chips Ahoy!
mp3 Southtown Girls

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